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Functions of Kerala State Pharmacy Council at a glance.

  1. To regulate the profession and practice of Pharmacy.
  2. To ensure the quality of dispensing of drugs.
  3. To ensure that drugs are stored and dispensed by only qualified and registered pharmacists.
  4. To ensure discipline among the pharmacists.
  5. To unearth unethical and illegal practices and book the perpetrator as per Pharmacy Act.
  6. To ensure that Pharmacy Act of 1948 is implemented in its true spirit.
  7. Inspections are conducted in all places where drugs are stored prepared, compounded, mixed or dispensed according to Section 26 of the Pharmacy Act 1948.
  8. 14 Part-time Pharmacy Inspectors are appointed to check the violation of the provisions of the Pharmacy Act 1948.
  9. Continuing Pharmacy Education Programmes are organized in various Districts for updating the knowledge of the Pharmacists.
  10. Seminars, Workshops, Public Meetings, Exhibitions etc. are conducted to educate the Public about the Role of Pharmacists in Health Care Delivery System.
  11. "Best Pharmacists Awards" are given to the Pharmacists working in 03 different sectors[Govt:,Private and academic sectors]
  12. An amount of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty five thousand only) will be given to the family of deceased Pharmacists, before attaining the age of 55 years.
  13. Honoring of Rank Holders – D’Pharm, B’Pharm & Pharm. D rank holders [All Universities].

Achievments of Kerala State Pharmacy Council

  1. White Coat ceremony

    In order to make the Registered pharmacists aware of the profession and practice of Pharmacy, Act and rules and the punishment for violations, we are conducting a series of white coat ceremonies. In fact it is the first of its kind in India At present white coat ceremonies are being held in the USA and Europe. In India it is held only in Kerala.

    More than 230 white coat ceremonies have been conducted so far. Each ceremony was also converted into a Continuing Education Programme for the Pharmacists.Due to the effective interference of Kerala State Pharmacy Council, Pharmacists across the State have been wearing the mandatory uniform of white overcoat during duty hours.

  2. Introduction of High Security PRCs

    High Security PRCs[Pharmacy Registration Certificate] have been issued to all the registered Pharmacists by recalling the old PRCs.

  3. Enforcement of Section 42

    As per Section 42 of the Pharmacy Act 1948, only Registered Pharmacists are authorized to dispense drugs in pharmacies. Dispensing by non pharmacists are punishable offence as per the Act. But, irrespective of this prohibitory law, a lot of pharmacies employ non qualified people to dispense drugs. With the active support of our enforcement wing we have put an end to this illegal practice in the State. Offenders are thoroughly dealt with. Surprise inspections are being carried out to check the possibilities for such violations.

  4. Continuing Education

    A series of continuing education program have been conducted with the help of reputed Resource Persons for empowering the pharmacists on the latest knowledge and method of dispensing.

  5. Training of Pharmacy Teachers

    For the first time in the history of pharmacy training in India, Pharmacy teachers were imparted an extensive training. All the teachers enthusiastically attended the program .

  6. National Scientific Seminar

    National Scientific seminars to commemorate the Death anniversary of former President MNVG Adiyodi have been conducting every year. Each seminar was a class event with enormous participation of enthusiastic pharmacists. Pharmacy professionals of international repute presented papers and conducted classes.

  7. Training for the Pharmacists of Kerala Medical Services Corporation

    A 20 days long residential training was imparted to the pharmacists of KMCL. The training was conducted with a well designed module touching the entire aspect of pharmacy practice.

    1. Pharmacy Journal

      Pharmacy journal is being published with articles beneficial for the working pharmacists and doctors.

    2. Trainers Training

      Pharmacy trainers have been given regular training to equip them to impart quality training to the trainees under the Education Regulation.

  8. Pharmacy Journal

    Pharmacy journal is being published with articles beneficial for the working pharmacists and doctors.

  9. Trainers Training

    Pharmacy trainers have been given regular training to equip them to impart quality training to the trainees under the Education Regulation.

  10. Workshop for preparing dispensing protocol

    A workshop have been conducted for preparing a dispensing protocol in August 2012. The draft of the protocol was prepared by eminent professionals. The draft has been handed over to the Government for issuing necessary orders for implementation. No other state in our country has ever held a workshop for formulating a dispensing protocol. Our efforts have been widely acclaimed by the print and electronic media .

  11. Strengthening of enforcement wing

    The enforcement wing of KSPC is the strongest in the country. There are 14 inspectors to inspect the pharmacies of 14 districts of the state. 5000 inspections have been conducted so far. The offenders have been brought before law..

  12. Punishment for the violations of Section 41 and 42

    For the first time in India, KSPC has punished the violators of Section 41 and 42. Section 41 stimulates that every pharmacist should renew their registration annually to continue their practice of the profession. Section 42 stimulates that dispensing should be done only by a Registered Pharmacist. Such punishments have helped in reducing such complaints.

  13. Pharmacy Desk Reference

    The 2nd edition of pharmacy desk reference has been published during the Pharmacy week 2012.

  14. List of Registered Pharmacists

    List of registered pharmacist is an authentic book containing the list of registered pharmacists of the State. Copies of this book will be circulated to all departments connected with pharmacy practice. This book will serve as an authentic ready reference to enable officers like Drugs Controller to verify the registration status of any pharmacist for any purpose. This book is published on April 1st every year.

  15. Office Administration

    Office Administration has been fully revamped. Office has been fully computerized. A front office has been opened for helping outsiders with real information.

  16. Hotline with Drugs Controller Department

    16. Hotline with Drugs Controller Department KSPC has been connected with the DC department through an electronic hotline through which both the office can share any data. Being offices transacting related business, this hotline has saved a lot of time, energy and even stationery of both offices.

  17. Meeting of Interstate Councils

    2 meetings of interstate Councils have been conducted. One at Hyderabad and the other at Goa. The meetings were grand success. The resolution adopted in both the meetings were submitted to the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and the Central Government for necessary action.

  18. Service Book

    It has been decided to institute service books for all the practicing pharmacists on the line of the Service Book of Government staffs. The Service Book will record all the service matters of the Pharmacist concerned. Govt: has accorded sanction to prepare service book for all registered Pharmacists.

    This is also a novel initiative, which is implemented only by two state councils in the country.

  19. Pharmacy Week celebration

    Pharmacy week is being celebrated every year in November with attractive and useful programmes. Pharmacy rallies are conducted during the celebration. Seminars, debates and demonstration classes are also conducted during pharmacy week. Messages are circulated through radio, calendars etc, during pharmacy week celebration.

  20. Distribution of Endowments etc

    A lot of financial assistance under various schemes are distributed by the Kerala State Pharmacy Council.This includes endowments, best pharmacist award, honouring of rank holders etc.We have made sure that all these assistance are distributed in time to the beneficiaries without any delay.

  21. Historical Judgments:

    A number of judgments also have been issued by the Hon’ble court on the relevance of implementation of Section 32B(1) and (2) (total ban on Pharmacy practice by non qualified persons on the basis of certificate issued by the Drugs Control Department before 1978), section 41 & 42 of the Pharmacy Act and the implementation of Drug license in clinics.

  22. Pharmacy Organisations in the State

    Kerala State Pharmacy Council is engaged in implementing a host of important programmes for ensuring and enhancing the quality of Pharmacy profession in the State of Kerala. All the programmes and activities are executed with the sincere support of he Pharmacy Organisations in the State.

  23. Documentary Films ,F.M Advertisement and Advertisement Films
  24. Pharma Skill Development Programme.

    MOU signed with Task Force Chairman National Skill Qualification Framework(NSQF) under Central Government for starting Skill Development courses in Pharma sector for Registered Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students.

  25. JAS Stores.

    MOU signed with Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertaking Of India(BPPI) and Pharmaceutical Society of Kerala, a Society registered under Kerala State Pharmacy Council for starting 300 Jan Aushadi Stores (JAS) in Govt Hospitals under Prime Minister Jan Aushadi Yojana (PMJAY) of Central Government.

    Pharmacists’ interference is equally important to that of the doctors to cure diseases and controll epidemics. The health of the people depends on the quality of dispensing of drugs. Any error happens to a Pharmacists may cost the life of a patient. Hence it is highly important that the Pharmacists should be imparted continuing education to enhance their knowledge, quality and responsibility. Indiscipline should not be allowed to raise its ugly head and if occurs, it should be strictly dealt with as per law. Council is committed to look after these areas along with public awareness .. That is why KSPC is preparing Documentaries, posters, pamphlets, stickers and notices periodically along with TV, F.M advertisement. So far KSPC has prepared two Documentary Films , Advertisement Films and one minute long F.M Advertisement in leading 05 F.M Radios.

    KSPC can say for certain that we would make a radical change for the better in the Pharmacy sector of the State. When compared to the State of affairs of other States in the country, the profession of pharmacy here has acquired considerable qualitative progress.